POLITICS: how it is and how we can make it

To hear about politics in daily contexts today often makes one turn up one’s nose. It is looming in the minds a dull, boring figure, who thinks of his own business, a figure that hybridises Razzi with his “made your own cocks” on the one hand, on the other side Renzi with his English pearls and on the other Merkel, a supporter of phagocytic policies and so unpopular by public opinion.


But this thought which engages is nothing but the result of an extreme deviation of the pure concept of Politics The word has a meaning that would bewilder those who have never gone to look for its etymological origin : government art ,  art of the city (state) .

Now, we know what an art needs to be exercised: it needs passion  that allows its person to try his hand at what he does with the utmost dedication, with the imperative purpose of proposing ideas having as their ultimate goal that element that Aristotlehimself considered fundamental for a good government: the COMMON GOOD .

Reading these last two words, we are running away with a smile, thinking about what, in truth, a modern politician combines and, certainly, can not be blamed, given that today the concern for the common good has been almost buried under every aspect. What today’s politics want is the achievement of over-well-being that makes nausea to ordinary citizens, but it appeals to almost everyone who has the privilege of being called “politicians”. They pursue goals only for their own benefit or, at most, for a narrow circle, merging the concept of politics with one that absolutely could not be assimilated:  PERSONAL WEALTH .

Assimilating these two concepts implies the pride of forgetting the fact that you are POLITICAL thanks to the citizens who elect you and trust in you, they see in you a potential source of socio-political / economic improvement; in short, you are the one who at the end of the mandate can honestly see that your community has become an example to follow, or at least has laid the concrete foundations for such a condition of being.

Unfortunately, similar cases are increasingly rare and access to the political position thanks to the citizen is contaminated by elements such as family closeness, working relationships that place the voter in a subordinate position, obliging him to vote for a specific person, or simply the citizen he no longer goes to vote because he has lost all trust.

Speaking of this loss of trust emerges, in addition to the position of victim in which the citizen is bound, that of an accomplicein bad politics. Can you ever think that leaving everything to the mercy of a few figures whose primary interest is profit or consenting to blackmailing to get votes, improve a situation that is already critical ?!

Fatalism and resignation are worse than the evil in which we find ourselves and from which there is, of course, a way out. This way out must be beaten first of all by the citizen  who must truly feel that way, he must become aware of his potential, of his intellect, of his explosive force. Although a large part of politics is now adrift, it has not been established that all politics is marching; in all evils there is always an element of good. The citizen, always thanks to his intellect, must understand this, must pull up his sleeves and say “I desire to change this situation better” and he must say it with sincerity, perpetrating this thought until the time of voting or any support to the politician, the pure and uncontaminated by desires of profit and power, but interested in the COMMON GOOD and in the COMMON WELLNESS .

As for the generation of millenials: it  is true that it happened in a really sad period, of recession, I would say, especially after the ’90s, when the market has totally started to dominate it; on the other hand, however, let’s face it, who better than the young can sanction the beginning of an improvement , a return to a system closer to the citizen, in which the politician is not a subject on the acclaimed pedestal because superior for unknown reasons, but he must be a citizen himself. He must be a true citizen by fully understanding the problems of the immersed stand-alone society, by touching the discomfort with his own hand and turning it into well-being, always aiming at  objective improvement and never worsening.

We need to be protagonist, sincere and positive, we need to become aware of our potential and put an end to the consideration of POLITICS as something incomprehensible and done for the few. POLITICS is that art that sanctions our daily life and requires constant participation and deep understanding, in order to spread, beyond the small positive hearths, that concept of spurious politics from oligarchical and speculative contaminations to the benefit of the individual.

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