Open Letter to Politics

We are the drafters and the first signatories of the Public School Appeal widespread in the last part of the year: the document, albeit foreign to any party affiliation, for the object in question, calls into question the Politics, understood as a place of decision making on the destinies of public affairs.

In a few days the document, circulated by simple “word of mouth” and without the support of any organization, was signed by over 7000 people: citizens, students, teachers and teachers of the school, administrative staff, university professors, professionals, magistrates, intellectuals , not just Italians.

Each of them recognized in a text that raises the problem of how training, education and education must be given by the public school by constitutional mandate.

The document identifies seven issues that, in the opinion of the signatories, constitute (without however exhausting them) as crucial nodes of the current crisis of the Italian school, from the Infant School to the University, and concludes by asking for a moratorium on some devices and the establishment of a wide-ranging commission: steps to be considered, in our opinion, as a preamble to the repeal of the law 13 July 2015 n. 107.

In fact, this law appears to us to be the last step in a process that has meant not to renew the school, but rather to disarticulate it, within the ideological framework of that systematic dismantling of public affairs in many sectors of society.

A law passed by a vote of confidence, in the absence of any parliamentary debate, in the opposition of most of the school world that of that provision was the first recipient; an articulate – one article and 212 paragraphs! – whose implementing decrees were analyzed in the Culture Commission in a short time, without any possibility of critical waste compared to the prepared textfrom the Government. Similar modes of discussion and approval are moreover testifying to the total indifference with respect to the reasons for disagreement of the school workers, evidently considered interlocutors unworthy of any consideration.

In the present and delicate phase for the Italian political life, with the legislature closed prematurely and in the pressing of the electoral campaign, by citizens, free from any party affiliation, we strongly feel the civil commitment to follow up the Appeal and ask the political forces of:

  • give, in their programs, to the theme of the school the priority it deserves, not limited to a simple mention among other problems;
  • to measure oneself on the proposed themes and on others not brought to light;
  • commit to the repeal of Law 107/15 and to endow the country with a law that is the result of real social, political and cultural confrontation and therefore knows how to really renew the decisive sector of Education, with the world of the School and not against it.

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