Childcare in Cranbourne Central

Finding care for your little one can be a challenge. Figuring out the application process, how to choose the right centre, and when to begin looking are all questions every parent faces. Cranbourne Central has more than 42 centres, making the choice even more difficult. Below we’ve gone over the main things to consider when choosing a centre.


Timeframe and Planning


With childcare in high demand, many centres have long waiting lists. It is best to organize a childcare plan as early as possible. Some centres charge a fee for registering your child on their waitlist but even if you are thinking of returning to work it may be a good option so if you need it, you have the option.


Deciding when to put your child into care can be a challenge as well. Logistically, keeping your child at home for longer allows for more bonding with your child and makes breastfeeding easier. However, there’s no true recommended age to send your child: it is unique to each family’s situation. Children may have trouble adjusting at first, but establishing a good relationship with your child’s caregivers will help ease any anxiety.


Choosing a Centre



  • Look at price and location. A centre that is close to work and/or home can make all the difference. Compare fees, costs, and any waitlist fees of the centres on your shortlist.
  • Next, examine staffing ratios and the education and training backgrounds of the staff at your top picks. You’re looking for a mix of experienced staff and newer, enthusiastic staff with low staff to child ratios.


Holistic Wellness

  • Ask to look at the centres’ menus, snack lists, and allergy program. Healthy, balanced meals keep children’s energy levels stable and their bodies strong. A solid allergy and anaphylaxis management plan keeps all children safe.
  • Read through the curriculum and engagement programming of each centre. Each centre is unique in approach but all programming should be encouraging the social-emotional and developmental learning of your child through child-centered play and learning activities. The goal is to find a program that fits your child’s personality and interests, as well as your family values.


Top-rated Centres in Cranbourne Central


And finally, to give you an idea of the options out there and the variety of childcare styles we’ve assembled a list of some of the most popular child care in Cranbourne Central and why people love them, according to CareforKids.

Alphabet Academy Early Learning Centre

Parents have reported they love that an on-site chef prepares custom meals for their child. Alphabet Academy also has a fully-accredited Kindergarten program so children can transition seamlessly from daycare and preschool into Kindergarten. The Academy uses a child-led learning structure.


Kindy Patch

The Kindy Patch focuses on sustainability: with their own garden, chickens, and homemade paper this centre is dedicated to the environment. The Patch welcomes parents and family to drop in and visit throughout the day, encouraging more contact between all your child’s caregivers. Parents also love that this centre brings in outside professionals to enrich the curriculum on a regular basis.


Little Star Family Daycare

Parents love the convenience of Little Star: the centre provides everything needed (including nappies) except clothes for child’s day making it super easy for busy parents. The Star is focused on connecting children to the environment. And with highly flexible hours, parents can take full advantage of the childcare subsidy.



Parents love the great value and quality of staff at Goodstart. With on-site meal preparation, children eat healthy, balanced meals. A focus on cultural diversity with a mix of child-led play with manmade and natural structures ensures your child’s well-rounded development.



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