Advantages of Clayton Daycare for Young Children

In today’s setting, getting by financially means both parents need to work. In Clayton, Clayton daycare has become a necessity for both working and single parents with young children.

It is a stressful situation for working parents not to be able to take care of their children. While companies are trying to integrate daycare centres in the workplace, not all do.

Daycare centres offer a viable solution for working parents with young children.

A lot of studies have discovered that the daycare environment benefits infants, toddlers, and children ranging from ages 6 months to four years. The foremost advantages daycare centres offer to young children includes:


Structured activities and schedule

Daycare centres provide structured activities and schedules to babies and young children. Singing songs and storytelling are activities included in toddlers’ schedule to help in their intellectual development. Parents have found the advantage of the structured environment provided by daycare centres. The slate of activities that fill the entire day of toddlers to include napping, playing, and eating make them behave less erratically at the end of the day.


Academic learning

Multiple studies have discovered that children spending their formative years at good quality daycare centres achieve higher academic and cognitive advantages as teens. Daycare centres that provide cognitive-boosting activities and support and extensive interaction with staff are defined by the studies as high-quality ones.


Social interaction with their peers

Parents that stay home to take care of their kids always values the regular play schedules they arrange with neighbours and families having kids the same age as theirs. Social interaction with peers of similar age is provided by daycare centres. And the structured setting of daycares provides the best way for kids to learn and play together. This develops the social skills of young children like no other.

Social interaction with other adults

Senior members of the family and parents are the adult interaction young children are exposed to. Interacting with other adults is provided by daycare centres. This exposure to other adults provides a positive impact on children. The positive responses of adult care providers to the children in daycare centres foster a positive attitude.


Seamless transition to Kindergarten

Formal schooling adjustment becomes seamless after a child has been exposed to the structured environment of daycare centres. The active participation of parents in the daycare period of their kids also tends to become extended during their formal schooling. This extended active interest of parents benefits not only themselves but their kids as well.


Long-term benefits for parents

Parents dropping off their kids in daycare centres tend to form a social clique even when they are often in a rush. Good daycare centres make it a point to encourage parents to participate actively in the care of their kids. This includes taking time to attend social meetings or field trips. These kinds of activities encourage parents to socialise with their counterparts as well.

Daycare centres do this because of the long-term positive benefits gained by parents in socially interacting with other parents. Talking to their fellow parents creates a feeling of community among them, helping them to experience lower levels of depression.

The choice of a daycare centre for their kids can be a tremendously stressful time for parents. However, the multiple and long-term benefits provided by Nola Dee Daycare in Clayton to young children far outweigh the initial anxiety.





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