Who is leading our Defence Force?

We have the celebrated war veteran, Andrew Hastie a former SAS officer and now the Liberal Member for the Western Australian seat of Canning being thrown out of the Army Reserve because of a billboard of him in uniform.

Yet, we have the Defence Force promoting political agendas like same-sex marriage and transgender diversity by marching in the Gay Mardi Gras and providing sex change operations.

Defence also has a frantic push to increase the number of women within the three services, something that actually weakens our capabilities, given the high rate of non-deployable serving women.

The Australian Navy has a target of 25% women serving by 2023, currently it sits at 18.6%. Yet as at June 2014, 26% of women in the Navy were classified as non‐deployable compared to 12% of men.

The Army has the goal of increasing the number of women serving by 50% over just a five year period. This will reduce the percentage of Army personnel that can be deployed, adding additional burden and time away for those that have to carry the deployment load.

Defence should stop promoting social engineering agendas and celebrate men like Andrew Hastie. He is someone who can help stop the undermining of our Defence capabilities and fight for the social values that made this country great.

Family First honours those who have served and if this is part of their personal story, then as a political candidate they should not have to hide it.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First

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