We must stop the reckless spending

50 per cent of voters rely on welfare for their income, 84% of taxes are paid by just 20% of tax payers. Our foreign debt has doubled in 10 years and the personal debt of Australians is the highest of any nation. Yet both major political parties keep talking about increased spending rather than cuts, structural reform, or greater fiscal accountability.

We cannot continue on the reckless spending trajectory we are on. We are heading for a cliff and the major parties don’t seem to care. We need to hear more talk of budget repair, paying down debt and living within our means. We need a government that will make the tough financial decisions, but neither side is offering us that.

Family First will push for greater financial restraint and shine a light on programs and government expenditure that may be nice to have in the good times, but are not critically important when the nation is in such deep debt.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First