Warren Entsch taking focus away from fixing the economy

“Will the federal member for Leichhardt, Mr Warren Entsch, push his same sex marriage experiment when parliament resumes next week? Or will he focus on helping fix the economy and address the cost of living issues that are significantly hurting Queenslanders on a daily basis,” says, Family First Queensland Federal Senate candidate, Mr Rod McGarvie 

The Cairns Post reported on the 3rd July, ‘that Mr Entsch was partnering with fellow Coalition backbencher Teresa Gambaro to co-sponsor a bill with Labor backbenchers Terri Butler and Laurie Ferguson, Greens MP Adam Bandt and independents Andrew Wilkie and Cathy McGowan.’ Unfortunately the Labor candidate tows the new party line and shows no backbone on social issues saying in the same article that ‘she “absolutely” supported same-sex marriage’.

In the recent NAB ‘Biggest Issues Facing Australia Today’ report which surveys the issues facing Australia today. The cost of living was by far the biggest issue facing all Australian’s, but even more so in Queensland where 54% listed it as their highest concern. 

Following on from cost of living was access to healthcare 32%, the economy 32%, employment 29%, terrorism 26%, and housing affordability 18%. Same-sex marriage didn’t even make the list and would have been in the ‘other’ category rating at just 2%.

“There are very real problems that we face as a nation, and as Queenslanders. The people of Leichhardt want their local member of parliament to be focusing on fixing these. I am confident they don’t want him partnering with the job and economy destroying Greens Party, wasting valuable time trying to change the definition of marriage.”

Only eleven years ago both major parties overwhelmingly supported the amendment to the 1961 Marriage Act. Clearly endorsing the position that marriage was indeed a union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.

G. K. Chesterton said, Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up. “Don’t let your local member tear down the foundation of a healthy society, the cultural tradition that helps build strong families and produce cohesive communities. Either call or write to Warren as your local member and tell him to park his experiment and get on with the core business of fixing the economy and reducing the pressures on the cost of living.”

“The constant destabilisation of the LNP party position and the party’s leadership by same sex marriage activists like Mr Entsch confirms that my decision to quit the LNP was correct.  Voters want a united conservative party that sticks to its policies and promises on marriage, and that’s what Family First is doing,” says Mr McGarvie


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Rod McGarvie - Federal Senate Candidate for the Family First Party QLD