Voters lack any real choice

What choice do Australians really have at tomorrow’s election? We have the leaders of the two major parties happy to wield the knife to advance their personal ambitions. We have both leaders having no respect for freedom of speech or the institution of marriage, the social good they produce, or their foundational importance to a healthy society.

Neither party shows any interest in making the tough decisions to fix the economy. Evidenced by their plans to tax more, spend more, and save less, while coming after your super funds to help pay for it.  

Then there are the Greens, with party policies that would totally destroy our economy and the social fabric of the nation in an attempt to fulfil their unrealistic utopian dreams.

If elected tomorrow I will work with Senator Bob Day and other Family First colleagues in the Senate to force the government back to basics, back in the black, off your back, and out of your pocket.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First