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Toowoomba South By-Election

Alex Todd, Family First for Toowoomba South

Alexandra Todd is a country and city girl who grew up in the country, spent many years in Brisbane, and is now based in Oakey with her husband and three children. Alexandra completed both her degree and post graduate studies at QUT with distinction.

Alexandra is committed to a safe and healthy culture of good relationships & support, regardless of age or marital status, and is passionate about the importance of family and its part in our community and culture. She is equally passionate about freedom and the importance of personal freedom to our farming communities.

"Toowoomba South needs a voice that will fight for the region and not just take us for granted like the major parties. Family businesses need the government off their backs and out of their pockets. Family First will fight to reduce or remove payroll tax which puts a lid on growth and robs locals of jobs.

The major parties make and change rules to suit themselves and their greed for power, and no one can stop them making bad laws between elections. Family First is leading the fight to return an Upper House to Qld to keep the government accountable all the time.

Our children are more important than anything else. Moves to make full term abortions legal & common are just wrong and we will fight them hard, as we will the secret Safe Schools curriculum which has nothing to do with bullying and everything to do with hurting children."

In the absence of any real checks and balances in the Qld government the next best thing for democracy is strong independent parties holding the balance of power.

Family First is Australia’s leading independent party, with long experience serving in the balance of power all over the nation. Toowoomba South voters will be very well served by voting 1 for FAMILY FIRST.

FAMILY FIRST supports:

  1. Jobs – your right to work, and helping young people get jobs
  2. Affordable housing – reviving the Great Australian Dream of home ownership for all
  3. Lower taxes – a 20% tax rate for all Australians and less red tape
  4. A Qld Senate – returning the essential checks and balances democracy demands to keep the government accountable
  5. Safer roads – fixing Queensland’s ‘black spots’ to make our roads safer for all
  6. Water and export markets for family farms – land and water ownership policies to help our farmers feed the world
  7. Free speech, freedom of conscience and religion – defending the freedoms upon which this great nation was built.

How to Vote for Alexandra Todd

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