Time limit for objections

The malicious and destructive tactics of green activist groups are creating a serious sovereign risk situation for our nation. The Greens and their ideological partners in the anti-development activism movement are putting future projects and investment at risk.

There is a need for greater certainty in the project planning cycle for the mining industry, given the huge dollar investments that are at stake. We need legislation around what would be an acceptable time frame for any environmental concerns so they can be lodged and heard in a timely manner before a proposed mining project gets underway. There must be a set time frame for this to happen.

We cannot allow a legal activism strategy of drip feeding objections designed to stall and frustrate the owners of mines such as the Carmichael mine project, to the point where they feel they have to cut their losses and seek a friendlier nation in which to do business.

Family First supports our mining sector and the jobs they provide, particularly for regional Queensland, and will look for practical solutions that ensures good environmental practises are followed while giving greater certainty to those investing and creating jobs for Queenslanders.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First