The major parties are out of touch

We have just witnessed how out of touch the major parties are with the voting public on the national level, particularly with those living in regional Australia. The three major parties are increasingly driven by inner-city leftist agendas, not the concerns and aspirations of the broader population.

The high vote for the Family First candidate for Groom, John Sands, was a clear signal to the political elites that a growing number of voters are no longer going to tolerate being ignored. Queenslanders want parties to represent their concerns and aspirations. They are tired of the constant change for change sake. They are tired of the constant attack on traditional family values and our cultural norms.

Family First thanks the people of Groom for their strong vote, and we want to assure them we will continue standing up for the family, and for the values and traditions that have made us great as a nation.

The voters in Groom who are required to vote again on the 16th July in the Toowoomba South by-election can be sure that a vote for the Family First candidate, Alexandra Todd, will not be wasted.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family FirstĀ