The Greens prove they are a dangerous fringe party

In calling for ICE to be decriminalised, The Greens demonstrate they are a socially dangerous fringe party.

Family First Federal Senate Candidate for Queensland, Rod McGarvie condemns as absolutely irresponsible, the latest call by The Greens to have the life destroying drug ICE decriminalised. 

“Is this simply a shameless opportunistic grab for the youth vote by The Greens?  It certainly isn’t a policy a party that is interested in common sense measures to build stronger communities would put forward.

“The drug ICE is so highly addictive that it only needs to be taken once for the individual to become an addict,” Mr. McGarvie said.

Joanne Hobbs, the Executive Director of Teen Challenge QLD, an addiction rehabilitation organisation said, “I am in shock and disbelief of the drug strategy that the Greens leader Richard Di Natale is purporting to decriminalise ICE. We are in the midst of a drug epidemic like no other generation has faced. Remove legal consequences and this epidemic will grow to catastrophic proportions and with it the epic rise of mental health conditions in young people. At Teen Challenge we see the devastating effects of this drug every day.”

“This also demonstrates the danger of the Coalition Government doing a deal with the Greens and Xenophon to lock other parties out, and lock the Greens in, as permanent balance of power partners in the Senate,” said Mr. McGarvie

“Christopher Pyne told Nine’s national Today audience this morning “The Greens are more co-operative than Labor or the crossbench in the Senate”.  Not only is that wrong, but that is a strong indicator to me that a fix is on, a deal with the devil to try secure LNP control of both houses of the Senate, the alternative being Labor joined at the hip to the Greens.

“We need strong voices in parliament that will deal with the tough issues, putting our nation and its people first, not grubby power deals amongst the three major parties,” Mr. McGarvie said