Stop the Great Barrier Reef scare campaigns

The Greens and their ideological allies continue to undermine the Reef’s tourism potential with deceptive campaigns about the imminent demise of the GBR.

Recent claims by a researcher at James Cook University stating the GBR will be “terminal” in five years if $10 billion aren’t spent on water quality has been criticized by one of his own colleagues. JCU marine geophysicist Professor Peter Ridd said the claims were “laughable.”

Coral bleaching is a natural phenomenon brought about by seasonal changes in water temperature. The GBR has demonstrated time and again its resilience to bounce back and bounce back quickly.

The Greens are on a constant mission to shut down our mining, fishing, farming, and tourism industries. They have no desire to balance economic development with good environmental practises. The Reef is just a pawn in their crusade of economic vandalism.

A vote for the Greens at this election is not a vote for protecting the Reef, but a vote for economic decline and less Queensland jobs.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First