Stitch up deal with the Devil

LNP, Greens and Xenophon conspire to eliminate minor parties

Family First Queensland Senate Candidate, Rod McGarvie, is appalled to see the Liberal-National government do a last minute dirty deal with the Greens in an effort to maintain control of the Senate.

“I like many other conservatives are sickened by the Coalition Government’s undermining of representative democracy in its decision to coerce voters to eliminate minor parties from the Senate.

The government’s move to bring in ‘optional preferential voting’ signs the death warrant for many minor parties,” Mr. McGarvie said.

“The Government has done a grubby deal with the devil. The Greens and Nick Xenophon have been advocating for this change out of pure self-interest as it will permanently entrench them with the Senate balance of power.

“This move denies voters the right to delegate to their favourite political party the distribution of preferences keeping their vote alive.

“Contrary to what the government is saying, this radical change seriously disadvantages voters. Only high profile big spending parties will be able to compete when this goes through.

“Our nation will be governed by inner-city elites and dodgy unions and will not be representative of the voting patterns of ordinary Australians,” Mr. McGarvie said

“Family First will continue to stand up for the democratic rights of the 25% of voters who choose not to vote for one of the major parties.”