Speculation on preference deals

It has been speculated that there is a "preference deal" between Family First and the Palmer United Party in Queensland.  

Family First has in the past and will in the future meet representatives of minor parties and major parties alike to discuss preference arrangements. Mr Palmer and Senator Day no doubt spend time together in Canberra and have had some discussions with respect to preferences.

"I am encouraged by the fact that PUP is pursuing preference negotiations with Family First this far out from a federal election, it confirms that our recent appointment of Senate Candidate Rod McGarvie, and that of the party’s presence in Queensland is one which is growing in influence”, said Simon Green QLD State Director of Family First. 

“For other parties to be trying to lock in preferences more than a year out from the election shows that Family First is on the right track”. 

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Rod McGarvie - Federal Senate Candidate for the Family First Party QLD