Some needed time to reflect on marriage

“A hearty congratulations to the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and his coalition colleagues for showing leadership on the issue of marriage. They demonstrated great courage in the face of concerted media pressure and an obviously well-funded and organised same sex lobby campaign that was desperately trying to bring about change to the Marriage Act before Christmas.”

“The decision in the coalition party room will hopefully now bring the needed time and space so that Australians have the opportunity to reflect on the unintended consequences that same sex marriage would bring,” says, Family First Queensland Federal Senate candidate, Mr Rod McGarvie

“It is ‘time’ that the same sex lobby fears the most, as time will inevitably expose the damaging social realities of going down the same sex marriage path. As the weeks go by, more and more examples of the unintended consequences will be highlighted in jurisdictions that have introduced same sex marriage. There are already numerous incidents where organisations and individuals have been coerced or have lost their freedoms on issues that they considered matters or morality and conscience.”

“The Prime Minister flagged the possibility of a plebiscite or constitutional referendum during the next parliament. The problem with this proposal is what took place during the lead up to the Tuesday night vote. The same sex lobby were free to push their agenda far and wide, but the argument for traditional marriage was generally not reported on, or it was blocked.”

“Both channel 7 and 10 refused to show adverts from the Marriage Alliance that were simply highlighting the unintended consequences that same sex marriage would have on education, our children, and our rights. If there was to be a plebiscite or constitutional referendum there would need to be consideration on how both sides of the argument can openly and freely canvas their positions, unlike what we just witnessed.”

“The Australian Labor party and their comrades in the Greens party have abandoned traditional marriage, rejecting a great institution that has been a social good and stabilising influence for millennia. It would strike me as being very odd if the coalition went down the same dead-end road by not having a firm party position on marriage leading into the next election.”

“Family First is a united conservative party that will never split, divide or promote private members’ bills redefining marriage.  We are having a major impact with our presence in Canberra in reminding the Coalition how important marriage is to our supporters, their supporters and the Australian people.” says Mr McGarvie

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Rod McGarvie - Federal Senate Candidate for the Family First Party QLD