Sanity and Security is Restored for Trucking Families

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate for Family First Queensland praised the decisive role played by Senator Bob Day and the other crossbench senators in forcing the Government to abolish the ‘Trojan horse’ Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

“Make no mistake, this destruction of family trucking firms was not an ‘unintended consequence’ of the RSRT, it was the objective,” Senator Day said. “There was no mystery what this Tribunal was up to. It was dressed up in safety language but it was about the big transport firms putting family-owned trucking firms out of business.”

“I appeared at this morning’s rally giving Family First’s full support for repeal of the RSRT. Ever since the RSRT dug in its heels, Family First worked hard with family trucking firms and their representative bodies to abolish it.”

“The Coalition’s first response to this massive problem was to ‘consult further’. They then announced they would fix it if re-elected. Every step the Coalition took towards repeal was because the crossbench drove them there. At last the government supported repealing the RSRT tonight,” Senator Day said.

Rod McGarvie said, “There are two key lessons here. First, Queensland voters need to get behind parties in the Senate like Family First that would have rejected the creation of a RSRT type body in the first place. Voters must ensure that after the next election there are parties holding the balance of power in the senate who will not support the return of the RSRT.”

“Second, people power works. Family trucking firms got in their rigs, rolled into Canberra, made their voices heard and forced politicians to listen. Family First supports the power residing with the people, particularly when it means good outcomes for families.”