Restore the Balance campaign

Rod McGarvie and Family First Queensland launch the Restore the Balance campaign.

“The Family First Party offers a practical option for conservative voters who are now disillusioned with the Liberal party. Liberal voters have had numerous disappointments on the policy front, but have nobly hung in there until now. The back down on amending Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, messing about with the Constitution, avoiding the climate change debate, leaving the job-killing industrial relations juggernaut untouched, weakness on traditional marriage, and not taking the ABC back to its charter obligations, all tested the patience of traditional Liberal voters”. 

“Labor voters are also concerned by the ALP moving away from traditional values of the base, taking away the free choice of a vote on marriage,” says, Family First Queensland Federal Senate candidate,” Mr Rod McGarvie

 Restore the Balance video clip

“An increased representation of Family First in the federal senate will give greater opportunity for the government of the day to pass good fiscal and social policy. It will help draw both major parties back toward the true political centre. The most important contribution would be to restore the overall political balance to the parliament and bring trust and respect back to federal politics”.

“I encourage all Australians to get behind Family First Senate candidates around Australia and help restore the balance to our federal parliament at the next election,” says, Mr. McGarvie

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