Regional tourism and farmers will be casualties

Delaying the implementation of the backpacker tax until January is just kicking the issue down the road and out of sight of the federal election. The government attempted to do the same thing with their inaction on the job destroying Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal until crossbenchers like Family First Senator Bob Day held their feet to the fire and it was repealed.

Mum and Dad businesses across Queensland rely on the backpackers to help keep the doors open. Farmers need the confidence to know they will have a harvest workforce before they commit to sowing. The tourism industry relies on the large numbers of backpackers for their bread and butter cash flows.

Backpackers are making their plans for the coming northern hemisphere winter to work and travel in countries like Australia. The January implementation of a 32.5% tax on every dollar earnt will have many heading to South Africa or New Zealand instead of here.

Urgent decisive action is needed by the Turnbull government, otherwise farmers and tourism will be hurt.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First