QUT 18C saga ruining lives

There is no leadership on restoring our freedom of speech by any of the major parties. The lack of action on repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is continuing to ruin lives.

The ongoing saga at QUT with indigenous staffer Cindy Prior taking students to court for making off the cuff Facebook comments, after she evicted them from the computer lab for not being Aboriginal.

Family First Senator Bob Day has been championing changes to section 18C. Tony Abbott recently wrote, “with hindsight, I should have persisted with a simpler amendment along the lines of Senator Bob Day’s later private member’s bill”.

Malcolm Turnbull before becoming Prime Minister said he was “very comfortable” with Senator Day’s amended bill and didn’t believe it would have “any negative impact”, but there was no action when he became Prime Minister.

The major parties may not be interested in restoring our freedom of speech, but Family First will continue to fight for that freedom and our other freedoms no matter what the other parties choose to do.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First