Queensland Government Hypocrisy on Religious Instruction

Queensland’s Labor Government has shown an astounding level of hypocrisy by launching a review of religious instruction programs in Queensland schools.

Recently, 11416 Queenslanders signed a petition calling for a review of the Safe Schools Program in Queensland schools. The Education Minister, in her response, refused to review the program or even name the schools offering the program.

Yesterday, however, one complaint from one Principal has led to the Education Minister calling for a wholesale review into religious instruction programs in Queensland schools.

A comparison of the actions taken on these two issues shows Queensland Labor are more interested in appeasing small groups of their own supporters than they are with the concerns of parents or the quality of educational programs being provided in schools.

Any good government would apply the same standards to all programs offered in Queensland schools. Queensland Labor has shown this is more about an ideological revenge attack for parental outrage over Safe Schools than it is about caring for our children’s education.

 Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First

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