Queensland FFP Senate candidate announced

“We are pleased to announce that Rod McGarvie has been selected as the federal senate candidate for the Family First Party in Queensland,” said Family First Party Queensland State Director, Mr. Simon Green.

“Rod brings a diverse range of skills and life experience, from his early days as a carpenter and joiner in the building industry, to his time as a combat engineer in theAustralian Army, to later leading a large community development organisation in Africa.

“More recently, Mr. McGarvie ran as a Liberal National Party candidate taking on the former federal treasurer in the Brisbane seat of Lilley in 2010 and 2013,” said Mr.Green.

Mr. McGarvie is honoured and excited by the privilege of representing Family First in Queensland at the upcoming federal election.

“I have consistently stood for conservative values and traditions, believing the LNP in large part also shared these values. However, I have had a growing concern about the drift of the major parties to the left and away from Australia’s historic cultural values and norms. They appear to be embracing a collection of populist and faddish ideas,”Mr. McGarvie said.

“Sadly, the federal coalition appears to have gone weak at the knees on issues that lay at the very foundation of successful western democracies.”  

“The government abandoned their election promise to restore our freedom of speech.This failure to make changes to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act dismayed and discouraged many coalition supporters, myself included.”

“There is now a growing perception that the Coalition lacks the moral courage to defend the cornerstone of society - traditional marriage,” said Mr. McGarvie.

“Regarding the proposed referendum on the recognition of Aboriginal and TorresStrait Islanders in the constitution, I will be arguing for the Vote No case. As a nation we need to be actively removing policies and programs that fail to promote unity and integration.

“I have witnessed too much divisiveness and broken relationships caused by tribalismduring my years in Africa. Absolutely no good can come from further dividing ourcountry along ethnic or racial lines,” Mr. McGarvie stated.

“As the Family First party federal senate candidate for Queensland, I will be working to strengthen and protect the conservative traditions that have made this country strong.”

“I will argue against the ongoing wave of populist positions and fashionable ideas that are often wrongly portrayed as necessary reforms.”

“Queenslanders don’t want fluff. They want common-sense, well thought outsolutions to the challenges our nation faces. Family First has become the only trulyconservative party in Australia.”


Media Contact - Rod McGarvie - 0425 630 246