The major parties are out of touch

We have just witnessed how out of touch the major parties are with the voting public on the national level, particularly with those living in regional Australia. The three major parties are increasingly driven by inner-city leftist agendas, not the concerns and aspirations of the broader population. Continue reading

Voters lack any real choice

What choice do Australians really have at tomorrow’s election? We have the leaders of the two major parties happy to wield the knife to advance their personal ambitions. We have both leaders having no respect for freedom of speech or the institution of marriage, the social good they produce, or their foundational importance to a healthy society. Continue reading

Labor fears the people on plebiscite

Bill Shorten must be one of the most condescending leaders of the Labor party in the modern era.  He doesn’t believe the Australian people should have an open honest debate on the issue of marriage, because he doesn’t trust them. He wants to confine the decision to a group of bullied and morally conflicted members of parliament. In an environment where he can manipulate the vote of his own members and count on the overwhelming support of the dysfunctional Greens. Continue reading

Overhaul needed of SBS and the ABC

Family First calls on the government to carry out a thorough review and restructuring of both SBS and the ABC. These two institutions are costing tax payers 1,400 million dollars a year to operate – this is unsustainable. Given the rapidly changing nature of the way Australians access their news, information, and entertainment it is high time we look at these two behemoths and the way they function. Continue reading

Link University funding levels to Free Speech

Universities should be the place where ideas and theories are continually challenged and tested, but unfortunately free speech and open debate are under serious threat in our universities. In a recent Free Speech on Campus Audit undertaken by the Institute of Public Affairs only one Australian university out of 42 received a high ranking regarding freedom of speech. Continue reading

Brexit - great opportunity for Australia - UK relationship

The grass-roots public support in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and reclaim their sovereignty is a great opportunity for Australia to promote an Australia-Britain, and potentially a Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement. Continue reading

Time limit for objections

The malicious and destructive tactics of green activist groups are creating a serious sovereign risk situation for our nation. The Greens and their ideological partners in the anti-development activism movement are putting future projects and investment at risk. Continue reading

Unions control the Puppet Parties

Labor, and more recently the Greens, have consistently done the bidding of the big unions because of the large donations they receive from them. They have their union mates best interests front and centre, not the interests of our nation. That is why the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) legislation was blocked in the senate, and why we are now having this double dissolution election. Continue reading

QUT 18C saga ruining lives

There is no leadership on restoring our freedom of speech by any of the major parties. The lack of action on repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is continuing to ruin lives. Continue reading

A nation under threat

The Greens and Labor will reintroduce the perverted ‘Safe Schools’ program, imposing it upon our children’s innocent minds. They will push greater gender confusion, and morale sapping ‘diversity’ targets within our Defence Force, and remove religious exemption from our Christian social institutions, stopping them from employing staff that hold similar social moral values. Continue reading