Precedent is a powerful influence

Queenslanders have watched on in disbelief as union bullies attempt to take over the Country Fire Authority in Victoria and impose union control, crushing the very nature of volunteerism.

We are not immune to what happens in Victoria, if the union gets its way then it has set a dangerous precedent that unions in other states will follow with vigour.

Our equivalent to the CFA, the Rural Fire Service Queensland is spread across 93% of Queensland and has approximately 1500 rural fire brigades, made up of approximately 36,000 volunteers.

I support wholeheartedly Family First Senator Bob Day’s comments, “Country Fire services are the heartbeat of the community, and are volunteer based – the essence of what Family First is about, Unions love to strengthen their numbers – but muscling into country firefighting like we are seeing in Victoria will put communities at risk and cost taxpayers an absolute fortune to have a unionised, employee firefighting base.”

We need to be vigilant and protect each of our volunteer organisations, they carry our nation.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First