Politicians must lead by example

We are quickly condemning our children to a life time of paying back what we owe if we don’t take urgent action and deal with our ballooning national debt. Sadly, the major political parties have become paralysed by fear when it comes to taking any serious action on debt reduction. 

All Australians must have some skin in the game when it comes to cutting spending and getting the budget back into the black, but to get everyone on board we need decisive leadership.

Our politicians, the leaders of the nation have to clearly demonstrate that they are not just talking heads, but are willing to lead by example and make a significant personal sacrifice. They need to demonstrate that they are serious about getting the nations finances back under control.

Family First Queensland calls on the federal government to reduce the salaries of all federal politicians by 10% then freeze them at the new level until the country has sustainable budget surpluses. This will help motivate every Member of Parliament to better argue the case for greater financial responsibility.

Once Australians see genuine sacrificial leadership they will be far more likely to support changes and cuts that affect them personally.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First