Overhaul of gay lifestyles school program

Changes announced to the ‘Safe Schools’ program are a win for Australian families, Family First Queensland Senate Candidate, Rod McGarvie said today.

“After sustained pressure the Federal Education Minister belatedly acted and announced an overhaul of the program. The overhaul requires 14 immediate actions. This raises the obvious question of how such a program could get funding in the first place, given how much needs fixing? ”Mr McGarvie said.

“Family First Senator Bob Day ran a relentless campaign to have the gay recruiting program called ‘Safe Schools’ overhauled or de-funded.

“Family First will continue to push for the defunding of the school program because of the underlying social agenda of promoting gay lifestyles and gender fluidity.

“Ironically, there is an increase of bullying toward Christian children in our schools when they won’t support the promotion of gay lifestyles. Bullying is wrong, full stop. It is not okay to bully one group as an expression of support for another.

“Concerned parents came to us scared about speaking out, and dismayed that they had not been consulted about the program or its content. The overhaul has addressed this key concern and ensures parents will have an informed choice about their child’s participation.

“The lack of respect shown to parents by the school system is deeply concerning. That schools didn’t automatically seek parental consent before exposing primary and high school children to such a program, is a national shame.

“Thanks to all the Queenslanders that signed Senate Day’s petition, that raised their voices and said no to having such propaganda in our schools. Families won a small victory with the announced overhaul. Family First will continue to stand up for pro-family values.” Mr. McGarvie said.