Overhaul needed of SBS and the ABC

Family First calls on the government to carry out a thorough review and restructuring of both SBS and the ABC. These two institutions are costing tax payers 1,400 million dollars a year to operate – this is unsustainable. Given the rapidly changing nature of the way Australians access their news, information, and entertainment it is high time we look at these two behemoths and the way they function.

The felt language needs forty one years ago that drove the establishment of SBS is now almost redundant given the easy access to news and cultural information in the language of an individual’s birth country via the internet.

The size of these organisations is not healthy to our democracy as they have significant power to sway a political narrative in a way that will help protect their own funding positions. We need to look at merging the two organisations and re-tasking the new organisation with a primary focus on areas that are least well served – the remote and rural regions of Australia. The city centric focus of SBS and the ABC is just as damaging and frustrating to Australians as the inner-city centric focus of the political class.

This would better focus scarce resources and help reduce government waste and contribute towards balancing the budget.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First