Our Pledge: No changes to Superannuation for 3 years – No changes at all

Family First senate candidate Rod McGarvie joined Senator Bob Day today to encourage superannuants to declare this their Winter of Discontent, by voting Family First to protect their superannuation.

“Today Family First is committing to blocking every change to superannuation in the Senate for 3 years,” Senator Day said, “The greatest treasurer this nation ever had, Peter Costello, had superannuation spot on. There is no need to keep shifting the goalposts and, as we are seeing the Labor and Liberal parties now doing, raiding superannuation for revenue.”

“We do not support the retrospective Liberal Party changes OR the Labor Party changes to superannuation.”

“The major parties have become so short-term in their thinking that they forget that it was just 8 years ago that many self-funded retirees saw their nest egg smashed by the Global Financial Crisis. Many still have not recovered, and a lot had to stall their intended retirement.”

“The Labor and Liberal raids on superannuation is a kick in the guts for people still getting back to where they were before the GFC.”

 “Superannuants need to tell Malcolm and Bill that winter has come, you are discontent and you want to freeze them out of the balance of power in the Senate by backing Family First to stop any changes to superannuation whatsoever.”

“Malcolm, Bill – leave superannuation alone.”

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First