No-one dealing with the Debt

Neither major party has a serious plan to reduce the national debt. We are paying a massive $12.6 billion every year just on interest payments. That is $12.6 billion that can’t be spent on our rural roads, upgrading schools, fixing hospitals, building dams, or on other job creating infrastructure projects. Our high debt places the nation at great risk if there is another global downturn.

We need a federal government with the courage to make the tough decisions on reducing spending, that will hold government departments accountable for productivity gains and create efficiencies. There are significant savings that can be made by removing duplication of federal and state processes within the health and education departments.

Family First will hold the government to account for its spending. It will fight to make sure the taxes of Australians are spent wisely on fundamental public services and not just added to the spend-o-meter on reckless feel good projects that deliver no real gain to the nation.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First