Telstra and growing corporate activism

There is an ominous social activism trend emerging globally. The rise of corporate activism has emerged, and emerged quickly. Big business is now adding their economic fire power and global reach to a wide range of politically correct issues. This emerging trend threatens our representative democracy and needs urgent action to address its growing influence over social policy and the national interest.  Continue reading

Islam: A religion with a violent political agenda

In the same month where Muslim suicide bombers killed 35 and injured over 300 people in Brussels, there were six other separate Islamic attacks that took even more lives than those lost in the Belgium capital.  Continue reading

Rethinking the refugee issue

With the recent Sudanese gang violence in Melbourne there is yet another clear indication that our immigration system needs a comprehensive review and resetting of priorities. There is an obligation to be proactively addressing the current challenges, cleaning up the unintended consequences of past decisions, while also building a robust future focused immigration system. Continue reading

Is the same-sex lobby running scared?

Why is there such a frantic push by the gay lobby and their various mouthpieces to have the plebiscite on marriage canned? The gay lobby keep telling us that the outcome is like climate change, its supposedly ‘settled’ science. They claim there is a massive 72% support for redefining marriage, so why are they scared of that being verified by all Australians and not just a small sample group? Continue reading

ALP and LNP are putting the cart before the horse

A majority of grassroots political parties are campaigning for Queenslanders to vote ‘No’ to the ALP and LNP’s push for fixed four year terms. Until an upper house is reintroduced in Queensland, a move that would bring greater scrutiny to legislation and set right a historical wrong, there should be no consideration given to introducing fixed four year terms. Continue reading

Emasculating our Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has a recruiting campaign with the goal to increase the percentage of women serving in the Army by 50%. With such a significant change there is a reasonable public expectation that underpinning this decision is a compelling strategic reason. That the increase will somehow enhance the Defence Force’s primary role and mission of defending the nation - and it must.  Continue reading

Four year terms and Queensland's empty Chamber

Ninety-four years ago, an Act of Parliament abolished the Upper House of the Queensland Parliament. Premier Edward Theodore and his predecessor Premier TJ Ryan had viewed the Legislative Council as obstructive to good government and set about a process to rid Queensland of the Upper House, allowing the government to proceed unhindered with its reform agenda. Since 23rd March 1922, Queensland has retained a unique position of being the only Australian State with a single House of Parliament. Continue reading

Rod McGarvie: Climate Alarmism Royal Commission

World leaders have gathered in Paris for the Global Climate Conference, which is strangely similar to the Monty Python ‘Dead Parrot’ sketch – with salesmen trying hard to convince the world that the extreme global warming narrative is still alive and well. The climate alarmism marketing campaign must be one of most successful global campaigns ever run. They have been able to consistently roll out a frightening story almost every week. Each story has an element of truth woven through the alarmist narrative, added to by emotional pleas from high profile advocates.  Continue reading

Rod McGarvie: Where do traditional Liberal – or Labor – voters go now?

With the recent Labor-style toppling of our Prime Minister Tony Abbott, many traditional Liberal supporters are now wondering where they put their vote in order to protect their cultural norms and values while supporting responsible financial management of the nation.  Those traditional Liberal supporters are finding it difficult to believe that the Party now rewards those who actively undermined the government and the former Prime Minister. They are shocked that the party can now be painted as being as treacherous as its Labor predecessors. What happened to courage and loyalty in the face of adversity?  Since when do you run from battle when instead of adjusting strategy and tactics, and reentering the fray? Continue reading

Rod McGarvie: ABC and SBS reform - one billion dollars of savings

Prime Minister Turnbull, the ABC has a 36 page annual report on diversity, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to cover the most important diversity metric, that of political worldview. Why did the ABC choose not to invest in a balanced and ideologically diverse workforce? There have been sustained calls for a number of years to either reform or sell the ABC. Unfortunately, with the lack of political will to take action many in the reform camp have lost heart and shifted across to the sell the ABC camp. The key arguments for selling would be that the ABC is of such a large size now that the political influence that it wields as a national broadcaster is not conducive to supporting a healthy democracy. Continue reading