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Please also take a moment to discover more key points from our Country Policy below:

  • Family First supports the Western Australian Royalties for Regions program, and seeks that all States and Territories have the same regime in place.
  • Family First supports free trade.
  • Family First supports food security and transparency on foreign acquisitions of Australian farming land. 
  • Family First supports State and Federal laws that protect farmers’ property rights. 
  • Family First wants improvements to country roads, which require equal funding compared to city roads, especially in regard to road fatality and injury statistics. 
  • Family First opposes radical animal activists, and trusts and supports farmers in exercising their right to manage their animals in a humane and responsible way. 
  • Family First supports country hospitals being run by their own local health boards, not centralised bureaucracies in major cities. 

For the full Country Policy, please visit our Country Policy page.

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