Looking For A Conservative

If you share traditional Australian family values, you're probably bitterly disappointed that the LNP leader, our PM (thanks to the betrayal of "conservative" MPs) believes in redefining marriage, increasing taxes to change world temperatures, & funding the deplorable activist curriculum sexualising children in schools.

It's time we found a strong alternative, a credible conservative that can be trusted to defend marriage & families.

BOTH senate candidates for Family First Qld have agreed to come to a home in Logan and be grilled by voters on how they will fight for our values, & to put their credentials, both character & career, on the table for review.

You're invited! If you know anyone else who's a disillusioned, disaffected, disappointed supporter of the LNP (or any party), please bring them to this little private function & let's get a Government & Senate to represent OUR families.

  • May 28, 2016 at 7pm – 9pm
  • Brisbane South
    20 Tygum Rd
    Waterford West, Qld 4133
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  • Dave Pellowe

Will you come?

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