Will Smith for Longman

Will Smith for Longman

Will Smith Longman Family First QldWill is a small business owner employing 10 staff and a local pastor. He lives at Deception Bay and is married with three children. Will is also a keen musician and sports fan. Will believes the major parties are not serving families and small business well, and has been a regular Family First candidate in federal elections.

Will supports the election of Family First candidates Rod McGarvie and Sue Baynes in the Senate. Family First is Australia’s leading independent party, with long experience serving in the balance-of-power all over the nation. Qld voters will be very well served by voting 1 for FAMILY FIRST in the Senate.

FAMILY FIRST supports:

    1. Jobs – your right to work, and helping young people get jobs
    2. Affordable housing – reviving the Great Australian Dream of home ownership for all
    3. Lower taxes – a 20% tax rate for all Australians and less red tape
    4. Affordable energy – getting our living costs and business costs down so more people have jobs
    5. Safer roads – fixing Queensland’s ‘black spots’ to make our roads safer for all
    6. Water and export markets for family farms – land and water ownership policies to help our farmers feed the world
    7. Free speech, freedom of conscience and religion – defending the freedoms upon which this great nation was built.

Contact: longman@FamilyFirstQld.org.au.

Find other Family First candidates: FamilyFirstQld.org.au/candidates.


Many people ask who we've preferenced and why. 

The dirty deal the LNP did with the Greens on how to vote for the Senate was an attempt to block minor parties out of the Australian political process. This could create a disastrous situation for the nation: The Greens may control the balance of power in the senate. No party can control your vote at all anymore, so the 6 or more numbers you write down must both represent your personal values and get a senator elected, or your vote will die and be virtually wasted.

Two guiding principles for Family First are that The Greens will always be put last as they are a toxic cancer on our political system and are a clear and present danger to our economy. Secondly, we will strongly preference major party candidates that share the social and economic values of Family First, specifically those that support:

  • strong economic management,
  • lower taxes,
  • a balanced budget,
  • freedom of speech,
  • traditional marriage, and
  • the sanctity of life.

The higher or lower those candidates appear on the how to vote card (HTV) will be an indicator of their commitment to those values. The LNP, in our opinion, is currently the least damaging option for governing the nation.

We have in the past supported Labor candidates that stood up for traditional marriage and the sanctity of life, and would like to be able to again. Unfortunately, Labor no longer tolerates a diversity of views or even personal moral convictions within their party.

In 28 of the 30 Queensland seats we are preferencing LNP ahead of Labor. In the seats of Longman and Leichhardt we are running a "split ticket". That is we are not preferencing either Labor or the LNP. This is due to the outspoken support these LNP MPs have given to pushing the same-sex marriage agenda, destabilising the government, and undermining the former Prime Minister and the nation.

The minor parties now need to work closely together in order to have the best opportunity to secure a senate seat. There are now two imperatives given senate voting changes: firstly, finding parties that will have enough volunteers to hand out HTVs. This is critical, otherwise the preference sharing arrangements are pointless if voters don’t know where to preference. Secondly, the other party needs to be likely to secure enough of the vote to help Family First (if they are unsuccessful). In some cases we might not have as much in common with the party we are preferencing as another party, but they will likely help our candidates more - which is the best outcome for our supporters.

This election we have preferenced Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in several seats along with Glen Lazarus Team in exchange for favourable positions on their senate HTV. We share many of the same values with the Shooters and Fishers Party and the Christian Democrats party. Although they are not on our HTV in Qld, we are preferencing them in other states where they have a stronger chance of securing a seat, in exchange for their support here in Queensland. This way, many minor parties cooperate to give the best chances each other where they are strongest. This is the best way to get representation for the 1 in 4 Aussies who did not vote for a major party at the last election.

The LNP is preferenced last out of seven parties on our Senate How to Vote card (HTV). If one of the first six smaller party candidates does not secure a seat, then the vote flows to the LNP. This protects your vote being lost and inadvertently helping Labor or the Greens control the Senate - the worst case scenario for Family First supporters.

We are recommending how to vote to give Family First the best opportunity to secure a senate seat, but at the end of the day the choice is yours. No party can control your vote or your preferences. So vote 1 for Family First, and then choose who represents you best.

This is how Family First is preferencing on the Senate ticket:

  1. Family First Party - the only minor party with the credibility & stability to offer a candidate in every Qld electorate (since 2004)
  2. Rise Up Australia – shares our social values
  3. Australian Liberty Alliance – shares our social and economic values
  4. Katter’s Australia Party – shares our social values
  5. Glenn Lazarus Team – will have boots on the ground at polling booths
  6. One Nation Party – shares some of our social and economic values
  7. Liberal National Party – some within the party still share our social and economic values