Lockout laws a band aid solution

Limiting hotel trading hours is only a band aid over a much deeper problem, according to Family First Queensland Senate Candidate Rod McGarvie.

Mr McGarvie is urging both major parties in the Queensland Parliament to take a longer term approach to eliminating alcohol-fuelled violence from Queensland society.

“Alcohol-fuelled violence isn’t a problem unique to hotels or nightclub precincts, even though it is often more evident in those locations.”

“Earlier closing times and lockouts can only work if they are part of a much wider suite of reforms. They are not a silver bullet that will solve everything.”

Mr McGarvie, whilst supportive of measures that will reduce violence in Queensland streets and hotels, argues that behaviour evidenced in nightlife precincts is merely the visual sign of broader social issues that need to be addressed.

“Alcohol consumption is often just the trigger for people who have deeper issues they are struggling with.”

“Alcohol does not make a person of good character into a horrible person. It merely exposes the individual’s underlying personal problems.”

“If we are serious about tackling the root causes of these displays of violence, then we need to be looking at long term solutions involving schools, parents and a societal shift in attitude towards excessive alcohol consumption.”

Mr McGarvie drew comparisons on this issue to the prominence of action against domestic violence in recent years.

“The solution to domestic violence isn’t simple and neither is the solution to alcohol-fuelled violence.”

“Regardless of the outcome of the vote in State Parliament this week, this is an issue that needs to stay at the forefront of the public agenda in order to see significant long term improvements.”