Live Cattle trade suspension still hurting

The ramifications of the Labor government’s kneejerk reaction to an ABC smear job about live cattle exports are still being felt five years later amongst Queensland cattle families.

On the fifth anniversary the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) President, Brent Finlay said, “hundreds of families, whose livelihoods were stripped from them through no fault of their own, continued to be overwhelmed by debt and struggling to rebuild their businesses as a consequence of the rash and unsophisticated decision made by the former Labor government.”

Family First supports the call by the NFF for the government to fairly compensate the families and businesses affected by the 2011 suspension of the live cattle trade to Indonesia as a matter of priority.

That’s why you need independents like Family First in the senate who are for 'family business, family farms, every family a job and a house', who understand farmers' needs and will never support bans on live exports.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First