Our Life Policy: Abortion & Euthenasia

Life policy

"At all stages, life is precious and sacred – it requires constant vigilance to protect it." – Rod McGarvie, Federal Senate Candidate for Queensland

  • Family First believes live is precious and is committed to the preservation and protection of human life, believing it to be sacred, precious and of inestimable value. 
  • We uphold the value and dignity of those within society who are unable to adequately advocate for themselves including unborn children, and some people who are elderly or have a disability.  Without upholding their dignity, the scope for them to be manipulated, abused or harmed increases.


  • We believe in the right to life and are distressed at the abortion of 100,000 unborn babies in Australia each year.
  • Legislative changes during the 2010s, like those in Tasmania and Victoria, lead to an increase in late term abortion.
  • Family First opposes Medicare funding for gender-selected abortion.  We also support families having the opportunity to review information on coping with, support groups and other helpful material about alleged disabilities, genetic or life-threatening conditions diagnosed in an unborn child, before proceeding with abortion.  Gender-selection and disability-based abortion do not respect:
    • the inherent value in a life,
    • the maternal and paternal bond,
    • respect or dignity for the disabled, and
    • in gender cases, sets back the cause of gender equality. 
  • We have major reservations about genetic testing that might purport to identify non-life-threatening traits in children that might be used as a basis for abortion.
  • In Victoria there is almost one late-term abortion each day in the State many of these for “psycho-social” reasons. Figures from the 2014 annual report of the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity show that 378 late-term abortions were carried out in Victoria in 2011 – and 64 babies survived the procedure and were then left to die.
  • Family First believes the lives of unborn children are precious and must be fought for.  The unborn should be afforded all the rights of human beings, protected from terminations justified on economic, personal or psychological grounds.
  • Family First supports fetal homicide legislation to criminalise acts that endanger or take the life of an unborn child.
  • Family First supports legislative protection of the long-standing ethical guarantee to medical professionals that they have a right to conscientiously object to participating in, or referring patients to, abortion services without fear of losing their jobs in exerting that right.

Child rights 

  • Family First opposes surrogacy in both private and commercial cases, given its legal and emotional complexity for children and birth mothers.  Family First supports the children being born into the family of their birth Mother and Father, raised and cherished accordingly.
  • Similarly, Family First believes in adoption exclusively offered to married couples consisting of a man and a woman.  Properly vetted and counseled, these couples should be offered the opportunity to provide a child with the love, support and security that they deserve.  Accordingly, Family First endorses the recommendation of the recent South Australian coronial inquest into the death of Chloe Valentine: more flexible pro-adoption arrangements for children in foster care.”


  • Family First rejects euthanasia.  Euthanasia does not provide the dignity that its advocates claim.  Human beings are built to live and survive, and ending a life prematurely removes value and worth.  Euthanasia is the wrong way to treat those who are old and sick.  We are committed to the support of palliative care programs which enable people to live with dignity for the whole of their lives.  Vulnerable patients dependent on medical professionals for their health should not be subject to proposals of premature death. 
  • Supposed ‘safeguards’ for euthanasia legislation don’t work. In Holland where euthanasia has been practiced since the 1990s, 1000 people per year are killed without their consent. The Dutch experience shows that so-called voluntary euthanasia quickly becomes non-voluntary euthanasia. 

Other Ethical Matters

  • Family First laments the loss of life to suicide.  Whilst accepting suicide is a modern global phenomenon, Family First upholds policies that promote helpful discussions with people with suicidal thoughts – discussions about the value of their own life, and the value that their own family holds their life to have.
  • Family First opposes human cloning and the use of embryonic stem cells for medical research.  Far more viable treatments and cures have been developed from stem cells ethically derived from live patients, rather than human embryos.
  • The life of women is too precious to allow prostitution to flourish in Australia.  Prostitution is harmful to women.  Family First opposes legalised prostitution, and supports efforts to prevent sex trafficking.  Legalising prostitution only promotes Australia as a sex trafficking destination.  Family First supports the Nordic model of criminalizing the buying of sex, not the selling of sex, which has significantly reduced prostitution in the Nordic countries and affirmed women’s equality.