Let’s get a grip on refugees

The false compassion of the asylum seeker industry undermines good public policy. Labor are pushing for a 27,000 annual refugee intake, the Greens a promoting a 50,000 intake.

Having lived and worked for 12 years in developing African countries, I find the naivety of the Greens and Labor regarding refugee related issues staggering. They have no idea the lengths people will go and the deceptions they will use to gain access to a country like Australia. We need robust border control and a thorough screening process and we need to talk honestly about the unhelpful cultural baggage refugees can bring into Australia. 

The Immigration Minister was recently attacked for simply making factual comments about literacy, numeracy, and employment rates amongst refugees. According to UNESCO there are parts of Afghanistan that has literacy rates of just 1.6%. Only 9% of our Afghani refugees have work, 93.7% are receiving Centrelink.

Instead of parties outbidding each other with ‘compassion’, something that will only ever help a small minority of refugees, let us look at how we can more creatively and cost effectively help those in refugee camps dotted around the global conflict zones. How do we best prepare them with the skills and tools to return home when safe to do so?

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First