Labor fears the people on plebiscite

Bill Shorten must be one of the most condescending leaders of the Labor party in the modern era.  He doesn’t believe the Australian people should have an open honest debate on the issue of marriage, because he doesn’t trust them. He wants to confine the decision to a group of bullied and morally conflicted members of parliament. In an environment where he can manipulate the vote of his own members and count on the overwhelming support of the dysfunctional Greens.

The plebiscite is not just about redefining marriage it is whether we as a nation still value freedom of speech and the battle of ideas in the public square. The Greens have never valued freedom of speech, but until recently the Labor party did.

If the Labor party continues on its plan to block the Turnbull government having a plebiscite – the peoples vote, then they should be condemned and punished at this and every other election going forward.

Freedom of speech is under threat from both the Greens and Labor. Stand up for freedom of speech at this election.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First