Keep on truckin’ – Family First will support government bill to halt Trojan horse tribunal order

Family First Senate candidate Rod McGarvie has this evening confirmed that Family First will support an urgent government bill in the senate to halt a price-setting Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal order from coming into effect.

A Federal Court injunction currently halts Friday’s RSRT ruling.  The ruling sets prices for family trucking companies at uneconomically high rates.  Some firms will go bankrupt.  Friday’s RSRT ruling was otherwise to come into effect today.

If the government’s bill passes with crossbench support, the order will instead come into effect on 1 January 2017.

“On Friday I issued this statement on behalf of Family First saying this Trojan horse regime had to be repealed,” Mr McGarvie said.  Family First describes the regime as being a Trojan horse as it is allegedly about safety, but is really about price-setting.

“Whilst we will support the bill, make no mistake, this election the question for family trucking firms is, which party will support repeal of the Trojan horse regime altogether?  Family First does – but the Coalition Government did the next best thing in response to this debacle by announcing this afternoon that it would introduce this bill.  This is a potential, substantial stay of execution for family trucking firms, but more action is needed.”

Family First is confident the crossbench will support the government’s bill.

Senator Glenn Lazarus led a protest against the RSRT’s order on Sunday in Brisbane.

“Family First is fighting first for the estimated 35,000 family trucking firms who will go under if this order is enforced, and also for the economy which stands to pay over $2 billion more per annum, some 30% higher freight costs, if the order is enforced,” Mr McGarvie concluded.