Kate Horan for Qld

Kate Horan for Qld - Senate Candidate

Kate Horan for QldKate Horan is a qualified bookkeeper and stay-at-home mum. Kate lives at Kirwan, Townsville, and is married with four children. Kate is actively involved in the community with her passions of sport and music, and much experience volunteering with kindergarten, school and church. Kate believes the major parties are not serving families and small business well, and has been a regular Family First supporter in past elections.

Family First is Australia’s leading independent party, with long experience serving in the balance-of-power all over the nation. Qld voters will be very well served by voting 1 for FAMILY FIRST in the Senate.

FAMILY FIRST supports:

  1. Jobs – your right to work, and helping young people get jobs
  2. Affordable housing – reviving the Great Australian Dream of home ownership for all
  3. Lower taxes – a 20% tax rate for all Australians and less red tape
  4. Affordable energy – getting our living costs and business costs down so more people have jobs
  5. Safer roads – fixing Queensland’s ‘black spots’ to make our roads safer for all
  6. Water and export markets for family farms – land and water ownership policies to help our farmers feed the world
  7. Free speech, freedom of conscience and religion – defending the freedoms upon which this great nation was built.

Contact: team@FamilyFirstQld.org.au.

Find other Family First candidates: FamilyFirstQld.org.au/candidates.