Islam: A religion with a violent political agenda

In the same month where Muslim suicide bombers killed 35 and injured over 300 people in Brussels, there were six other separate Islamic attacks that took even more lives than those lost in the Belgium capital. 

Australia has watched on as Europe collapses under the weight of years of unwise immigration policy. We have been given a glimpse of our potential future and must act decisively to avoid the same fate. The actions the government needs to take will appear unkind and harsh. No doubt they will be widely criticised in the media as was the case with the very effective boat turn-back policy of the Abbott government. Islamic extremism is very real and Australia has to deal with it head on.

In just one month, from the 27th February through to Easter Sunday the lives of at least 1,165 people were cruelly taken at the hands of Muslim fundamentalists and Islamic extremists. Since the start of 2016 there have been at least 494 Islamic attacks across 39 countries, in which 5,179 people have been killed and 6,803 injured. 

There were only two of the thirty days where there were no reported killings. There was an average of nine attacks every two days. Here are daily examples of Islamic brutality poured out upon the world.  February 27th; 15 killed in bus bombing, 28th; 30 killed in restaurant bombing, 29th; 40 killed in funeral bombing, 1st March; five killed by roadside bomb, 2nd; seven killed in Indian consulate bombing, 3rd; two Italian hostages killed, 4th; 16 killed including the vicious execution of four Catholic Nuns, 5th; teenager beheaded for missing prayers, 6th; 60 incinerated by fuel tanker bomb, 7th; 17 killed in courthouse bombing, 8th; 50 executed from al-Mohamda tribe, 9th; four killed in police academy car bombing, 10th; three Kurds beheaded, 11th; couple killed for illicit relations, 12th; two killed in market bomb, 13th; 16 killed in Ivory Coast resort attack, 14th; 22 killed in Ramadi attack, 15th; four killed by Taliban bombers, 16th; 24 killed by two female suicide bombers, 17th; man beheaded, 18th; two children killed in rocket attack, 19th; bodies of 70 Yazidi women discovered in mass grave,  20th and 21st; no known killings, 22nd; 35 killed in Brussels bombings, 23rd; sniper kills two, 24th; Man from Ahmadi sect killed for wishing Scottish Christians a happy Easter, 25th; 41 killed in football match bombing, 26th; four killed by Boko Haram in a remote village, 27th; 72 killed by suicide bomber targeting Christians celebrating Easter in the park.

Few can now credibly deny the link between Islam as a political and religious movement and the brutal murderous acts carried out daily by Muslim fundamentalists. There would need to be an act of wilful naivety to believe otherwise. There is a strong correlation between the level of commitment to Allah, or at least the perks of the afterlife, and the level of barbarity an adherent is willing to unleash on others. Contrasted with the level of commitment a Christian has in following Christ the more likely they are to be helping in their community, caring for the poor and widows, building a hospital, or starting a school in a developing nation.

There is no doubt that most Muslims in Australia just want to get on with life and have no time for the angry preachers of hate and division. It is how to best deal with those disaffected Muslims that have chosen not to integrate into Australian society that present a growing danger and societal risk.

There three key areas the government needs to address in order to allay community concerns given the growing influence of Islam we have witnessed in Europe over the last few years.

Firstly, stop taking in Muslim refugees, focus instead on the persecuted Christians. The government needs to stop using ambiguous language and make their position very clear to the Australian public. There are 50 Muslim majority countries that can do much more to help other Muslims in need. Christian refugees have very few options left to them within the Middle East.

Secondly, there needs to be a cap at the current level on the number of Muslims living in Australia. There are already examples of the negative political influence western Sydney Muslim communities have had on Labor’s anti-Israel policy. The larger the group the more political influence they will wield.

Thirdly, create a clear alternative future pathway for the over 300 Australians stopped from going to a conflict zone. Establish a program that assists Muslims wishing to leave Australia gain citizenship in the homeland of their parents or grandparents. Once transitioned to their ancestral homeland their Australian citizenship would be revoked.

These measures may appear tough and uncaring, but they will help protect Australians from the Islamic atrocities that have become a daily occurrence overseas. The changes will also help Australian Muslims who love this country and don’t want to see it turn into a bloody conflict zone from which many fled.

Article first published in Online Opinion