Is the same-sex lobby running scared?

Why is there such a frantic push by the gay lobby and their various mouthpieces to have the plebiscite on marriage canned? The gay lobby keep telling us that the outcome is like climate change, its supposedly ‘settled’ science. They claim there is a massive 72% support for redefining marriage, so why are they scared of that being verified by all Australians and not just a small sample group?

Traditional marriage advocates are not only up against the mainstream media, but some of the biggest companies in Australia. PwC, the second most powerful brand globally has produced a ludicrous, already discredited, report stating the ‘true’ cost of the plebiscite will be over 500 million dollars. PwC was top employer for LGBT people back in 2012 and has been a strong campaigner in the push for the redefining of marriage, the consequences of which will undermine a key foundation of society.

The plebiscite is going to be the most unequal campaign ever run. On one side you have the little guy trying to raise a family, support their local community, and live a life that is considerate of others. If they publically support traditional marriage they face vilification and the threat of being hauled before the court as has happened in Tasmania with Archbishop Porteous. On the other side there is the vast bulk of the mainstream media, the angry activist groups, the majority of the social and political elites, and the corporate giants bringing their millions to distort and skew the arguments to suit themselves, all at the cost to a strong and healthy nation.

But the little guy should take heart, because his or her vote has unseated many arrogant giants pushing their own agendas and failing to listen to the people. PwC and others attempting to shut down the plebiscite demonstrates their desire to keep the power with the elites and not the Australian voter. 

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