Houseless future for our children

The average full time earnings for Australians has grown by almost ten times that of 1975, yet the average cost of buying a house in Brisbane has increased by 27 times over the same period. This is putting the home ownership dream further out of reach for more and more young Australian families.

Why such a dramatic increase in the housing market when the actual cost of building a new house has not changed significantly? It is due to the land prices! Local and state governments and their land management agencies have refused to provide an adequate and affordable supply of land to meet demand, so they create a false land scarcity situation which drives up land prices. This is a matter of political choice, not geographic reality. It is the product of restrictions imposed through planning regulation and zoning.

Struggling farmers are denied the opportunity to subdivide their farms, blocks or disused farmhouses to aid their family business. Quite apart from the economic foolishness of it all, it is morally wrong for legislators to enrich some while impoverishing others.

Family First runs on the platform of “Every family, a job and a house”. We will continue to fight for a better outcome for all Australians who want the great Australian dream – their own home.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First