Farmers thrown under the bus

Federal Labor in desperation to pick up inner-city Green votes, plans to throw farmers under the bus. They have promised to override states to reintroduce tougher vegetation management restrictions. State Labor has already warmed up the bus with its introduction of a bill to severely tighten vegetation management laws, with public hearings starting on 17 May and the report due to parliament by June 30.

Family First agrees with AgForce President Grant Maudsley’s statement, “These proposed laws will have devastating consequences for primary producers in Queensland and their ability to manage vegetation on their land effectively.”

One example is the Brigalow tree, an incredibly invasive tree species that can take over productive farm land at a rapid pace. Greater restrictions will be placed on farmers attempting to manage or remove these trees. The consequence will be less farming land available which will lead to an increase in farming intensity on what remains.

We need more land opened up for farming to take advantage of growing global agricultural markets, not less. Family First recognises our farmers are dedicated to environmentally responsible and sustainable development.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First