Diversity hurting our defence

Every Defence policy decision must go toward fulfilling the role and mission priority objective of protecting our nation. The frenetic push for greater ‘diversity’ within Defence actually weakens our capabilities.

The Australian Navy has a target of 25% women serving by 2023, currently it sits at 18.6%. Yet as at June 2014, 26% of women in the Navy were classified as non‐deployable compared to 12% of men. Increasing the overall percentage of women dramatically increases the number of non-deployable personnel which then undermines Defence capacity.

The Army has the goal of increasing the number of women serving by 50% in just five years. A $1.8 million advertising campaign has been rolled out for the target to be achieved by 2018. The Army is also opening up more combat roles for women.

There is something primitive and perverse about a nation that believes putting its daughters into combat roles and harm’s way is a good idea.

Family First will help to ensure our Defence Force focuses on protecting our nation and not on social re-engineering follies.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First