Diversity and Political Correctness gone mad

The former head of the Army, David Morrison is now the chair (not chairman) of the Diversity Council of Australia, an organisation that advises major corporations on diversity related issues. Strangely the term ‘guys’ is their current campaign issue, apparently we shouldn’t be using this term in the workplace.

The overall chilling effect to our freedom of speech that the ongoing crusade by a myriad of groups wanting to police our words, what we speak about, and who we employ is deeply concerning.

It is a bit rich for the Diversity Council to be preaching diversity in the workplace when they only have one man as part of their team of ten. However, if the ratio of nine women to one man is the best structure to achieve their goals as an organisation, then I would support it. All organisations or businesses should have the freedom to staff their operations with those they believe will help them achieve their goals regardless of gender.  

Family First supports freedom of speech and freedom of association, forcing workplace diversity or attempting to stop us using words like ‘guys’ is less than helpful.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First