David Pellowe for Qld

David Pellowe for Qld - Senate Candidate

David Pellowe for QldDavid Pellowe is a business marketing consultant. David lives at Logan, and is married with three children. David has many years experience in the community volunteering on the boards of a chamber of commerce and a multicultural services organisation. He also enjoys playing trumpet, gardening, and renovating the family home. David believes the major parties are not serving families and small business well, and has been a Family First candidate in the past state election.

Family First is Australia’s leading independent party, with long experience serving in the balance-of-power all over the nation. Qld voters will be very well served by voting 1 for FAMILY FIRST in the Senate.

FAMILY FIRST supports:

  1. Jobs – your right to work, and helping young people get jobs
  2. Affordable housing – reviving the Great Australian Dream of home ownership for all
  3. Lower taxes – a 20% tax rate for all Australians and less red tape
  4. Affordable energy – getting our living costs and business costs down so more people have jobs
  5. Safer roads – fixing Queensland’s ‘black spots’ to make our roads safer for all
  6. Water and export markets for family farms – land and water ownership policies to help our farmers feed the world
  7. Free speech, freedom of conscience and religion – defending the freedoms upon which this great nation was built.

Contact: team@FamilyFirstQld.org.au.

Find other Family First candidates: FamilyFirstQld.org.au/candidates.