Dear valued Friends and Supporters,

We write to inform you of a significant development concerning the future of the Family First Party in South Australia and Nationally. Dennis Hood and Robert Brokenshire will announce today that the Family First Party will amalgamate with The Australian Conservatives nationally.

No doubt you would have noticed a significant number of minor and micro political parties on the "conservative" side of politics have formed in recent times. The result of this is that each of these parties now compete for the support of the same voters and resources who want to support a political party that will uphold traditional values, defend the family unit and preserve our Christian heritage and traditions.

It makes no sense to compete with other political parties that have very similar or in some cases identical objectives. Indeed, it only serves to weaken our side of politics and plays into the hands of those that would see our values destroyed and Christian traditions undermined. As the Greens have managed to unite the "left" political parties under one banner so must those of us on the conservative side do the same in order to survive and increase our influence on the decisions made by our Parliaments nationally.

In recognition of the fact that we must combine the conservative side of politics to properly defend our values and counter the relentless attack on our freedoms through so called "political correctness" by the left of the political spectrum, the Family First State and Federal Executives have recognised the need to work closely with those who align with our core values and share the same vision of creating a powerful conservative force in Australian politics.

With the strong endorsement and encouragement of Family First co-founders Andrew Evans and Ashley Evans we are excited to announce that the Family First Party nationally will cease to operate as a standalone political party and will amalgamate with the Australian Conservatives, founded and led by Senator Cory Bernardi.

The support for this decision was unanimous amongst all Family First state and federal executive members after much thoughtful deliberation and counsel. It is our privilege to partner with Senator Bernardi, an outstanding and highly regarded political figure who has a proven history of remaining committed to a conservative stance on social issues such as marriage being between a man and a woman for example. Our Executive body assures you that Senator Bernardi's values align perfectly with those of Family First. If they did not align perfectly then we simply would not proceed with the amalgamation as we can never compromise with our commitment to defend the values that we hold dear.

Senator-elect Lucy Gichuhi was also invited to join Australian Conservatives, but has instead chosen to take office in May as an independent. We respect her decision and wish her all the very best in her future political endeavours. She will have no association with either the Family First Party which will cease to operate, nor our new political home - The Australian Conservatives.

It is our most sincere wish that all of our current Family First members and supporters will maintain their support for us under our new Australian Conservatives banner. Without the support you have provided through your vote, memberships and donations we simply cannot continue to operate and stand for policy positions like traditional marriage, and against political correctness and the ridiculous "safe- schools" program for example. Rest assured that we will never stop doing this!

Please note that all financial members of the Family First Party will automatically become members of the Australian Conservatives until the end of this financial year. If you would like to opt out and therefore not become a member of the Australian Conservatives, we would appreciate if you could kindly inform us in a reply email but again, ask that you carefully consider the advantages and greater influence that we will have as a combined political party before doing so. As a combined political party under the Australian Conservatives name we firmly believe we will be substantially stronger and more effective at preserving our values and defending our freedoms.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the many faithful supporters of Family First who have given of their time, energy and resources over the last sixteen years. We have had many notable successes that could never have been achieved without your dedication and we are incredibly grateful for your loyal support.

This is a very exciting time as the influence, reach and impact of our political party will be significantly increased as we amalgamate with The Australian Conservatives. In this way, we will be even more effective in defending our faith, families and values.

Finally, we assure you of our unwavering commitment to the values that Family First has championed for the past sixteen years as we amalgamate with The Australian Conservatives and look forward to you joining us as we continue to fight for the things that really matter.