Class war stupidity

The former treasurer, Wayne Swan feels he has something useful to say about the economy. This is the man who not only spent all the money we had in the bank, but then drove us into the massive debt hole where just the interest payments are costing us $12.6 billion a year.

He wrote on Twitter, “There’s a class war in Australia: a Lib$50Bn gift to corporations @ the expense of jobs, wages, health & edu for working people.’’ If Mr. Swan doesn’t understand that the level of company tax directly impacts on investment and employee decisions then he needs to catch up for a chat with his former Treasury secretary Ken Henry.

If you lower taxes then more companies are drawn to do business in Australia and employ Australian workers. If you raise taxes then companies either fold or a larger portion of their operation goes off shore to countries with a more welcoming tax regime.

It is not rocket science, higher taxes – less investment and less jobs, lower taxes – more investment and more jobs.

Family First supports lower taxes and less government interference.

Rod McGarvie, Senate Candidate Family First