Toowoomba South By-Election

A by-election for Toowoomba South, following John McVeigh's switch to federal politics, has been set down for July 16. It will send voters back to the polls just 15 months after the last state election and two weeks after the federal poll. 

Meet your candidate, Alexandra Todd.

The beautiful Queens Park in Toowoomba

Federal Election

In a demonstration of our party's credibility and stability, Family First Qld have stood candidates in every federal electorate since 2004, and is again this election. Here is the list of electorates and their respective candidates. Please click on the candidate's name to read more about them and how we are recommending Family First supporters vote in that electorate.

Qld Federal Senate Candidates for Family First:

Qld Federal Electorate Candidates for Family First:


We surveyed the values and policies of the other candidates in each electorate. We always conduct this process carefully to help us assess who will best represent Family First voters (other than Family First candidates). Those recommendations on How to Vote are listed on each electorate page linked above.

We always encourage you to personally ask each candidate in your electorate how compatible they are with the issues most important to your family. Our preference recommendations are shared to aid people in their personal research.